LiveTools - Because Quality Matters

LiveTools Technology SA is a Swiss company founded in 1997 (previously named Broadcast Services) which has a wide background in wireless TV production services worldwide.

In 2001, Livetools introduced at NAB the first portable transmitter combining MPEG2 video compression, COFDM modulation and RF amplification in a package that can fit on most professional video cameras.
This product called CARRY-CODER received 2 awards during the show and the success was immediate: for the first time, TV production teams became able to work without cables and without constraints (no need to point antennas). More than 120 systems of this type have been sold all over the world.

LIVE-RUNNER and providing a whole set of advanced features and unique concepts on the market.
The associated high performance receiver, called LIVE-TRACER, was completed during year 2004 and made all LIVE-RUNNER advanced features available.

In 2006, LiveTools was aquired by SFP (Société Française de Production) and is now a member of EuroMedia Group. EuroMedia Group is Europe’s leading provider of TV & Film facilities and services.

Finally, Livetools mission is very simple: to help you saving money and time on your TV productions.